Thursday, June 26, 2008

what would Zuzula do?

Unbelievably, this was what my boss told a colleague who is being rocket-propelled out of her professional comfort zone, by him, right now, to think about. In all honesty it's not a bad thing - if she were in a rut that was any deeper she'd probably find oil down there. I'm not sure I'm the best role model right now though (this coming from the same boss who, approximately two weeks ago, told me I was 'off the rails').

And what indeed would Zuzula do? Well. Zuzula would quaff a large glass of sauvignon blanc before attempting to bluff her way through the challenge ahead with a heady combination of bullish charm and mild peril. It hasn't failed me yet.

In other news, this morning I saw the doctor. Turns out that, in a virtual homage to the vagina dentata (anyone seen Teeth yet?) I have an 'angry' cervix. Gggrrr. I am being referred to a specialist to find out exactly what it is that's pissing it off so much. The doctor said it's more likely to be 'a nuisance' than 'anything sinister'. Let's hope so. It's quite special to know that even my cervix is annoyed with me.


Confuddled said...

... still laughing about "What would Zuzula do?" - altho obviously it is v. good advice. said...

The Zuzula I know would also wear a fantastically gorgeous push-up bra and a firm smile. ;)

I'd like to meet the doctor who decided to give a medical term as "angry cervix". Can't wait to get "outraged testicles" and "mildly perturbed bottom".

zuzula said...

Confuddled: hmm, in the sense that, should you ever think about what I might do, make sure you do the complete opposite! ;)

AW: yes... somehow I can't see the dress sense catching on (today I am wearing gold stilettos and have painted my toenails pink. think am officially the office mad girl). Outraged testicles! lol... shocked appendix?

fake adult said...

Since we're downstairs with this post and I can't be bothered blogging now that it's gated with ten readers (very special lot, you are, but I doubt anyone even checks the place anymore - I don't), I will highjack your comment section to make a brief announcement. After a thousand hick-ups, Auntie S, ripened by her hormonally charged medication, produced 13 eggs that were harvested on Thursday. Each was targeted with a single lazy (but very much alive) sperm from yours truly. The grand total: eight embryos survived! I told her she was a battery chicken. So, on Saturday one was implanted and within two weeks we should know. Then there's of course the three month grace... But, after all the obstacles, having another eight embryos just in case is overwhelming.

On a side note, apparently the implant doc was somewhat eccentric, describing the embryo as very art deco, and that it should be in a gallery. Needless to say, we're all happy for the embryo to remain where it is.

In regards to your more recent post, hope your weekend away was fantastic!

Oh and I've had a mildly perturbed bottom for years. Apparently something to do with how I use the hole in my face for food.