Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The big name change

I am quite literally in the process of splitting myself in half.

Zuzula will continue to be the journalist, the professional career woman yada yada, while Mrs MC will be the wife, the friend, perhaps one day the mother.

The difficulty is deciding which bits of my online life are my own, and which belong to work. Facebook I consider to be private, so there I have become Mrs MC. Twitter is a tricky because, while I don't strictly use it for work, people do follow me on it as a result of work.

And then there's the plethora of personal email accounts... Should gmail be for work and hotmail for friends, or vice versa?

I'm not looking forward to changing my bank account either. I've already had to cancel my ATM card once this week because of fraud, i don't think they will be very pleased when I tell them I need yet another new card in my new name.

It's all very confusing.

In other news a friend and I have started podcasting! It's such fun, we really love it. It's very early days and we're after as much feedback as we can get so drop me an email if you fancy lending me your ears.....

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Introducing Mrs MC

So much has happened since my last post. Most importantly of all, I am now a married woman! Those of you who have followed my exploits over the years will no doubt be as surprised as I am that I finally have a ring on my finger.

We had the perfect wedding weekend down in Dorset complete with friends, family and the world's largest hog roast ('people will never eat all that food!' said the lady who provided it. 'you haven't met my guests,' I replied. Sure enough, it was all gone in less than 2 hours. Including the 2 extra legs).

As for the dress - ah, the dress. It was truly amazing to float around in such an exquisite garment all day, even if my bridesmaids had to accompany me to the loos to help hold it all up (they may disagree).

We're off on our honeymoon proper in about 6 weeks but managed to squeeze in a 'minimoon' in Dorset from which I have just returned. It was glorious. The booze flowed and I ate my own weight in, well, whatever i fancied. I am actually quite looking forward to a week of healthy living - i must have pure champagne running through my veins and am probably about 90% pork by now.

I'm still getting used to referring to MC as my husband. Everytime I say it I expect people to laugh incredulously and say 'your what?!' - it's such a novelty.

I am keeping my maiden name for work purposes (which is another blog post in itself) but am Mrs MC in all other walks of life. Really must work on my signature though. My two year old niece could come up with something neater than I have managed thus far.

So yes - so far so good on the marriage front. Just need to figure out how we're going to pay for it all...