Monday, January 12, 2009

Life laundry

Last week I finally succombed to gadget envy and got myself an iPhone. I'm sending all sorts of strange texts as my clunky fingers are evidently too huge to touchtype the delicate keyboard, and I haven't even got round to sync it with iTunes yet, for reasons too tedious to go into. But I love it.

iPhoning up involved ending a long term relationship with Vodafone. They didn't take it very well. I received six letters begging me to stay, and even more phonecalls offering ever more incentives to stay. I am half expecting them to turn up drunk on the doorstep at 3am declaring undying love sometime soon.

Anyway new phone company = new SIM and therefore the task of inputting all my contacts from scratch for the first time this millennium. My contacts list got a very harsh edit. Out went ex-boyfriends (including the chap now doing 10 years for drug dealing, somehow I doubt he's still got his mobile on him), people I haven't spoken to since university (I graduated in 1998) and people who I just don't recognize (like 12 of the 14 'Robs' listed). Finally, I decided not to transfer dad's phone numbers. That was a tear jerker. But it's time to move on.

Speaking of which... I spent a surprisingly enjoyable Saturday afternoon trying on wedding dresses. Typically I now have three favourites and I seem to have managed to fall in love with gorgeous bridalwear from north London's most expensive designers. Marvellous!

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Bloody iPhone maniacs. Of course, I'll still coo and demand to play with it when I see it.

Christopher said...

I like the look of those iphones but, as I'm just getting used to my ipod, I'll have to wait. Too many gadgets just confuses me and I'll end up losing one, if not all, of them.
I, too, tend to 'slim down' on contacts when I get a new number (or just when I figure enough is enough). I find it very liberating, like an mental spring clean.

Mkononi said...

Bah, another loyal red lost to the iphone. My heart is broken :(

As for the contacts, can you not add them to itunes and then synch that? Much easier than typing on the touchscreen!

I just got a new blackberry bold and I think it's the best phone i've ever owned... Scary eh.

shitfaced said...

I can't wait to have one! Making things bigger by spreading one's fingers - it doesn't get more porno than that.

Although we disconnected her phones while I was over there, I've yet to delete mum's numbers. They will go when I lose my current phone. Inevitable.

The mystery numbers are great fun and I wish I had the guts to ring them through just to ask if/how I know the person. But 12 Robs, love? Maybe you could have tried to work it out with your old blog at hand? Some clues definitely buried in there :) (Do this over three bottles of wine, of course)

Good luck with the dress(es). Not sure what your plans are re bridesmaids/maid of honour, but may I recount the torture that a friend is going through at the moment. She's MoH in one, BM in another. MoH bride bought the dress for her in a country town (ie she doesn't get a say); she's yet to see it, but verbal description by bride has her in a cold sweat (and us in stitches). She hopes it won't fit. BM bride has bought something yellow. Online. Nothing wrong with yellow per se but if it's the wrong shade for a person... Incidentally, we got invited to the latter wedding, despite having met the bride only twice. Unsurprisingly, she also invited someone she sat next to on a place recently. Not sure what it is, but the word 'wedding' seems to cause temporary brain damage in some individuals (and not just women - I've seen grooms turn into half-wits almost as much).

I can't remember who said it, but she was undoubtedly wise: no woman over 30 should humiliate her closest friends/family by putting them in matching dresses. If one has to, black looks best. A bit fashiony and modern, perhaps, but guaranteed to look good when judged by grandchildren in 50 years from now.

Fashion non-guru back to lurking.

shitfaced said...

'on a plane', was meant to say.

Just saw the invitation in earlier comments! When is the big day? (I do now remember Silverfox mentioning it but I think I was drunk and/or tired and forgot.) Would love to, but life in three weeks from now will forever be dictated by Autumn and Spring Semester. Acute Academic Arse Spread is imminent.

Peas on Toast said...

ooooh, wedding dresses! Zu, please send me some pics once you've decided on what you're going to wear!

Also on the iPhone, I may be getting one too - would you say it's worth it? Because it looks like I might also have the same bureacratic issues with my cellular provider....


Gracie said...

Woop Woop! With the iPhone and Wedding Dresses! I hope muchos fun was had!

As for shitfaced, I did actually get drunk one afternoon with one of my best boys and decide to call through all the random numbers on my phone that I'd accumulated from nights out.

'Hi, I have your number on my phone, who are you?!' - Drunkenly slurred

'Oh god, its you crazy lady...'

Disconnected tone....

Its a really fun way to spend an afternoon :-)

The Divine Miss M said...

Woop woop on the new phone!

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday :)

zuzula said...

AW - you'll love it...

Christopher - it is strangely liberating. it's amazing how many people one can collect without meaning to.

Mkononi - I know, I'm sorry! I was avoiding telling you ;)

Shitfaced - not sure yet about the bridesmaids but have been told in no uncertain terms that whatever i do to them, i will get payback when it's their turn! yes, big day is July 18. Completely understand you being unable to cross the entire world to get there though - am bridezillaring a little but not that much ;)

Peas - well. the iphone is cool. personally i'm having problems with the texting keyboard at the mo - maybe my fingers are too fat for it but i'm finding texting a bit of a pain.

Gracie - man, i wish i'd thought of that! how are the London plans doing?

Ms M - me too! thanks for your email - will reply today x

Being Brazen said...

your sooo lucky - i so want an iphone. sooo pretty

shitfaced said...

18 July - that could almost work, though my exhibition opens the following week I think. But perhaps a bit earlier; I'm really good at hen's nights... or bad, depending on one's viewpoint.

In a weird coincidence, my mobile service provider rang yesterday to remind me my plan was up and to ask if I wanted a new phone. 'Why yes, I want an iPhone', I said. Turns out, I can have one for $2/month on top of the plan I'm already on. So, while I'm broke like I've never been broke before (I haven't worked since I left for Finland, or 3.5 months), the new gadget will arrive on Monday. Never again will I lose my bearings while drunk, what with the GPS. Until I lose the phone, of course.

shitfaced said...

Btw, what does the i in front of everything now stand for? In the 90s it was e. Now you can't go to the iLoo without doing an iPoo, it seems.

zuzula said...

i don't know what it means.... interactive? idiotic? (def the latter in my case). keep me posted on summer dates....!