Monday, July 28, 2008


Man, it's hard having two jobs. Apologies to you all for neglecting you for over a week - you have been in my thoughts but I just haven't had a second to put virtual pen to paper and check in. However, as I sit here on a balmy Monday evening, approaching a 13 hour shift, working flat out on a publication which I swear would go to print more quickly if we were engraving it onto rocks (I'll leave you to guess which job I'm talking about), I have decided to take a mental cigarette break out here on my little internet fire escape.

I have learned a great deal this week. Firstly, you would not believe the motivational powers of a washboard-stomached, Parisian ex-streetdancing personal trainer called Thierry. How on earth else did I manage to sprint on the treadmill for half an hour and emerge with a smile at the end? Alas, this was a one-off free trial, and as he is usually £50 an hour I shall never again gaze into those big brown eyes and hear him say, in his husky French twang: 'Zuzula, you can do more than you think you can. Never forget that'. I won't, Thierry, I won't.

With this in mind I have decided to say 'yes' to everything this week. So when an academic I have been chatting to about techy work stuff emailed me today with an 'open invitation' to give a guest lecture at his very prestigious London university, I forced myself to respond with 'I'd love to' before turning my brain to the petty detail of what the fuck I am going to talk about. Who knows? Jack Kerouac wrote On The Road as a stream of consciousness from deep inside a haze of benzadrine. Perhaps I can attempt something similar. I won't, of course. But it's a nice thought.


Confuddled said...

Oooh! How very very exciting. Can I come to your lecture (and you can't say no cos you're saying yes to everything this week!!)

Peas on Toast said...

Zu, Thierry sounds encroyable.

Hook me up when I'm next in Londres, comprendez-vous? ;)

What a peach :)

zuzula said...

Confuddled: *grits teeth* YES! it's a long way off though (I hope)

Peas: honey, everybody should meet Thierry once in their lives. He should be public property!

Monte Cristo said...

Au contraire ma cherie - Thierry has been hunted down by the MC police and made to stuff cake into his smug parisian face untill his six pack becomes a 12 pack.

That's podgy man justice.

zuzula said...

Mc - noooooo ;)