Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bad bride

What is the bridal equivalent of a slummy mummy? Because if there's no existing definition, I fear it should be 'a zuzula'.

One of my friends is getting married a week after me. Within two days of becoming engaged she'd arranged absolutely everything. Venues? check. Dress? check. Bridesmaids dresses? check. Napkin holders? Sorted. Seriously. I have never seen anything like it. She is the archetypal bridezilla and she's making me feel like a very bad bride.

With 3 months to go I have no intention of purchasing a single bridal magazine, let alone attending a wedding exhibition (surely life is too short?). Needless to say my friend has subscribed to at least four publications and been, to my knowledge, to at least 2 wedding fairs in search of inspiration.

Back in February she told me off because, with five months to go, I had yet to book a photographer. Did I not realise how quickly they get snapped up? (no pun intended) She is also now organizing her own hen do after the plan cooked up by her official chief bridesmaid was deemed inferior.

She asked me what present I was planning to buy my groom as a wedding present. I said I thought a £10,000 wedding was present enough. Apparently that's not in the spirit of things.

Next question: Which part of the wedding am I most looking forward to? Becoming MC's wife, I replied. Call me old fashioned...


Rob said...

hi Zuze

had to laugh at your bridezilla analogy. My own betrothed and I went to copious wedding fairs, had our photographer booked a full 14 months before the wedding (and yes, they do go bloody fast), had cars booked over a year before, The dress was sorted quite early too, I seem to remember, and she was still utterly, utterly stressed by the time the big day came. By the end she asked me what I was looking forward to most and I said, verbatim, your answer. I hope she didn't think that all her effort had gone to waste.

Alternatively, my brother and sister-in-law had their wedding all done and organised within 8 months. Go figure.

zuzula said...

hah - 14 months! i don't think i have that much stamina ;) am sure however you do these things, it's wonderful.

The said...

10 000 pounds?!?!?! just on the dress??? you haveee to put up photos of it!