Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Of all the offices, in all the world...

We have a new arrival in our office. He's the latest in a long line of work experiences - who I have to say are on the whole putting me to shame with their go-getting attitudes and seemingly endless specialist knowledge. What happened to the ones that made the tea and were grateful for it? Bah.

Anyway we all received an email ahead of his debut on the team. I half-read it and filed it dutifully under a new email folder I have created called 'admin'. It's where I put all those boring but worthy emails that might come in useful one day (they include, for example, a note about music copyright and a reminder to do the latest health and safety assessment watsit). I figured one day I might need to know who the new chap was.

He arrived and looked strangely familiar. Given that the average age of our work experiences seems to be early 20s, I figured he must be a friend of my sister's but no, it niggled at me all morning. I definitely knew him, directly, from somewhere. But where?

I turned to my delightful admin folder and dug out the introductory email. And then it hit me. He had the same name, and the same appearance, as a boy I had a flirtation with at university. It was one of those flirtations that slowly mounted to a crescendo, only to fizzle out abruptly shortly afterwards. In short he's not someone I expected to see again.

Can I work from beneath my desk for the next two weeks, do you think?


Peas on Toast said...

Zu that's hilarious. I think play it dumb. Over the water dispenser/coffee machine causally ask him which university he went to.

When he asks you, throw out University of Cape Town.
That should take stock of that :)

zuzula said...

well, we had the - oh, hi, how are you?... chat. so now i can retreat back under my desk ;)