Wednesday, October 7, 2009


A friend is threatening to leave Facebook. He says that at best it's 'inane' and at it's worst it's full of people gloating about how much better their lives are than everybody else's.

If you want to stay in touch, he declares, you can email me. Only it doesn't particularly sound like he wants to stay in touch with us.

Personally I don't see FB as a means of gloating to one's friends. When I see that someone I know has had a baby, or a nice holiday, or a new pet kangaroo or too many glasses of wine the night before, I don't automatically think 'you bastards. Why don't I have that?'.

Maybe I'm the exception to some unwritten social rule (it wouldn't be the first time) because I don't compete with my friends. But honestly, I don't want to. I love them (well, most of them) - but I don't want to BE them. And I'm quite sure they have no interest in being me either, with my internal seething mass of neuroses.

Although I did enjoy posting from my little corner of paradise in Bali when I knew full well that everyone else was at work. But that's just banter, right ;)

1 comment: said...

Facebook does paradoxically make it very easy for people to share events in their life without actually making it particularly special.

I guess if your friend wants people to email him specifically, he wants them to tell *him* personally, as opposed to just telling anyone who happens to be wandering in.

It's the equivalent of staying in your room and expecting the party to come to you. ;)