Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gadget girl

Our house is a gamers paradise. Unfortunately for me, I've never been into games.

Until now.

Thanks to a new job, I now have Mondays off. Which is nice. Yesterday's Monday, however, was the greyest, grimmest, coldest and generally most miserable day of the autumn so far.

So I picked up MC's Guitar Hero. Granted, I had to call him to ask him how to get started... But once I'd managed that - oh boy. For almost 3 hours I was Alice Cooper, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton.

I kicked Guitar Hero ass. OK so I didn't quite manage every note, and yeah, during one tune my virtual audience started throwing virtual things at virtual me as I couldn't quite get the rhythm.

But I loved it. I don't think my neighbours shared my joy (why weren't they at work by the way?). I had to stop when a van pulled up outside and started drilling the pavement directly outside. Of all the houses in all the streets... They could have just banged on the wall.

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