Wednesday, May 21, 2008

standing in the way of control

I have written something that I feel strongly about and I have a nasty feeling it may end up costing me my job. The people I wrote in support of love me; the people I wrote about are extremely pissed off. I can and will back up every single word but unfortunately for me the pissed off people are the ones who hold the paystrings. Isn't that just typical? We shall see. I can't really say much more right now, other than it is something I felt could not remain unmentioned. I do not have the support of my editor this time. The moral high ground is proving to be a rather lonely place.


Mkononi said...

Sounds like a tough situation to be in, but well done for having the courage of your convictions.

Hope it doesn't work out as badly for you as you imply though :(

Grace said...


Good luck hun! And well done to you for standing up for your beliefs.

You can always find another job, but you can't take back writing something you don't believe in.

Your my hero of the day...

Be strong and believe :-)

Timo Rissanen said...

congratulations for having the courage. whatever happens, you know your integrity is intact and that's the main thing. and who knows what good might come out of this (i know it's so easy to dwell on the negatives).

sending you love and support (now that i can ;))

Peas on Toast said...

Oh shithouses, sorry to hear Zu. I hope it works out, and maybe it will turn out for the better once the dust has settled?

3rm said...

big up yourself zu. if there were more like you eventually the powers that be would likely be occupying that moral high ground. hang in there

silverfox said...

A friend of mine once said, 'if you are going to do something that isn't kosher, then you should also be prepared for getting caught.' They're all pissed cause they got caught. I say 'Fuck them all'! Don't worry...and if you lose your job, just find another, it's not like you haven't done your fair share of this job sux, maybe it's time? SFxxx

silverfox said...

oh yeah, and it's not like there isn't a better job out there...either way, it will all be good.

Anonymous said...

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The Blonde Blogshell said...

It sounds hectic, but GOOD FOR YOU for being open and not afraid to have an opinion.
3 words: Freedom of Speech.

Well done for being brave.
Stand your ground.

PS> Have no idea if that's relevant as we don't know what it is, but I hope it helps
Chin up