Saturday, August 23, 2008

tv industry day 2

Okay, today has been a lot more encouraging. Perhaps the hangover brought on by last night's mediumweight drinking has made me more placid but I am actually starting to warm towards the tv crowd a little.

I also finally understand the fuss about Clay Shirky (sorry gang, can't do links on blackberry but his name is oft bandied around these parts in the context of him being some kind of web guru. I thought he was all smoke and mirrors but actually the guy really does know his stuff. Clay, I apologise for not believing your hype).

Unfortunately this epiphany coincided with the realisation that my move into tv could be a very short lived one as according to him there's not going to be a tv industry as we know it for much longer. Marvellous.

Speaking of the big move, the industry grapevine must be working overtime because practically everyone I've spoken to, at the point of hearing my name, has said they have heard about my job. And believe me, I am small fry. They must really be scraping the gossip barrel this summer.

2 comments: said...

I keep telling you, you're famous!

Clay is right in many things, but there's still going to be a huge amount of room for "mainstream media" - stuff that people are going to want to passively consume. Unfortunately, TV audiences are too fragmented these days to get to that mainstream audience.

zuzula said...

famous? infamous more like ;) I just love the idea of everyone being a producer. Vive la revolution! (but not til I've made my mark, please)

grrr, third time I've tried to post this. bloody train wifi.