Friday, August 29, 2008

train musings

I seem to have spent most of this week on a train to something work-related, clutching a succession of tepid cups of coffee that are more closely related to soup in consistency (starbucks, have a word. Please. A nation of commuters is begging you).

And here I am again, on my way to an event that is so completely over my head it's almost funny. I've been invited down to leafiest surrey for a demonstration of various technical wizardry. The guest list is like a who's who of british broadcasters... And moi. Hilarious. Ah well. It's a day out of the office. Only one week until I start the scary tv job (yup, the fear has kicked in now. Am terrified).


The Divine Miss M said...

What is the damn scary TV job?!!?!? I want to know what it is you're doing!??!!? said...

Starbucks are not the only coffee company. ;)

and Miss Z is to become the new newsreader for Sky News Worldwide... you heard it here first ;) said...

I am of course joking... or am I?

Yes, I am actually.

Being Brazen said...

What scary TV job you got?

Im sure whatever it is you will be wonderfully brilliant.


Good luck