Monday, February 9, 2009

Arabian Nights (and days)

Dubai is a city rich with smells - from the good, like the spice souks with row upon row of vanilla, frankencense (how DO you spell that?), saffron to the downright vile - like the taxis by the end of the day. Find myself sitting in the backseat discreetly wafting perfume around like some High Priestess of Prada simply in order to breathe.

It's luxury hotel living all the way simply because there isn't anywhere else you can get a glass of wine - even at an eyewatering 20GBP each for standard blanc de blanc. (Oh, needless to say the Airport Lady was wrong about Dubai's cheap Duty Free! Bah) Definitely a proverbial playground for the rich - I am dreading my credit card bill this month and I don't even have a thing to show for it.

The sound of construction work fills the air and roads change daily as more and more building sites spring up seemingly overnight. My friend no longer has a front door because the road in front of her apartment disappeared in a pile of orange traffic cones and 'men at work' signage. The apartments though are stunning. All beautifully laid out with swimming pools and gyms as standard - while the UK seemingly freezes and then floods I am curled up on a sunlounger by a heated pool (not that it needs it) smothered in Factor 25.

I've prepared a few blog posts about my experiences here but as I'm not even sure whether I'll be able to publish this, the others will have to wait until I'm back in the UK. Anything deemed 'inappropriate' online is banned. And that just about sums me up most of the time so I think this will have to do for now... sorry folks.


Grace said...

Hey! Glad to hear your ok, and have finally unleashed your credit card hehe :-)

Still upset that I'm banned in Dubai, looks like moving over there is out of the question for me lol xx

zuzula said...

you're banned?! are you 'inappropriate' like me honey? ;)

Grace said...

lols Turns out I'm not... I left a rather miffed blog post about it, and someone from dubai told me I wasn't...

Now I'm upset!

I am inappropriate, or as my landlord says... immoral and indecent with no values

I just think that we girls just like to have a little more fun in life, even if I do find it between the legs of another girl.... mwahahahaha!

george said...

look for diamonds my dear, that's where everyone gets their inappropriately large bling blings from, very cheap in comparison to everywhere else xx

Miss Em said...

20GBP! Wow.

I've always wanted to spend time in Dubai, looking forward to reading more of your posts from your time there!

Peas on Toast said...

Hello little Zuzu!

There's no doubt Dubai is an interesting place - my cousin is getting married there in October and wants me to go over for the wedding. Problem is, because I now have Israeli stamps in my passport, I'm also 'banned.' I have to whoreganise a whole new bloody passport if I go. Arrgh.

Definitely post some of your experiences up here though, I'd be inetrested to see!

How the wedding plans coming along?