Saturday, February 28, 2009


This weekend is to be almost entirely given over to wedmin - the boring bits of organizing a wedding that have to be achieved regardless. Today begins with a meeting with the flower arranger (which I think has potential to be fun, at least for me).

This is followed by some indepth chats about marquees, tables and various varieties of hog roast (again could be good if samples are involved. Although I expect it's just going to be pictures). We are meeting our caterer, a farmer, and the marquee man, a scout leader, in a pub. It all has shades of Withnail and I about it.

Have managed to wangle some interesting filming at work. One piece is about pawnbroking (the cause of much hilarity and hence the title of this blogpost). The other, and I still can't believe my luck, is about handbags. Result!


Gracie said...

Good luck with all the wedmin this weekend, and asif! you get to do a piece on handbags.... lucky sod :-P x

fake adult said...

are you the new she of the handbag then? two years later and that blog i still miss. sorry, doing my first catch up here for too long. the brits?! i think any award show always looks more glam on tv, with the desperate wannabe detritus mostly edited out. but so much more fun whilst there for same reason. and i haven't, in all honesty, attended anything of that calibre but a few movie premieres and dodgy fashion awards shows have given me a taste of how desperate some people really are just to have their photo taken.

yay for all wedmin! and dress! i love the level of engineering that goes on. best never to let me near the dress as i might perform an autopsy on it :) but so exciting!!! x

Binsk said...

You're getting married????

Wow I have been away a LONG time. :)