Thursday, November 29, 2007

Brief encounters

Yesterday I met an agnostic Rabbi, a rural Vicar with a taste for adventure and a friend I hadn't seen for ten years. It's so refreshing to mix with different people once in a while. Exhausting and quite crazy, but ultimately good food for the soul.

The agnostic Rabbi is rapidly becoming a bit of a spiritual mentor for me. He absolutely fascinates me. I have long believed in fate, but not God. He, I suspect, believes in neither, but he absolutely passionately believes in people. The rural vicar is the same. He spent three weeks living in isolation in a cave in Egypt to reflect the story of St Antony (please don't ask me what that was) and said that what he learned was that, having always believed that he liked his own company, he actually loved other people more. I can relate to that - but I don't feel the need to live in a cave for three weeks to prove the point.

The old friend has had a fucked up 2007 rather like the rest of us. She is a very free spirit, and people tend to take advantage of that. She told me that J, an ex-boyfriend of mine from university days, is now in prison doing a ten year stretch - he was caught with 2kg of cocaine. Clever boy.

Funnily enough I randomly looked him up on Facebook three days ago. No wonder I couldn't find him. He always liked his recreationals and was a small time dealer when we hooked up so I guess he decided to make a career out of it. There's more money in barbiturates than there is in barwork, unfortunately. I feel a bit sorry for him actually. As unhinged as he was, he had a lot of sadness in his life. It's funny to think about how life can turn out, isn't it?


fake adult said...

2kg of coke? what a waste. sorry, i meant to say, how awful.

what is(was) it with 2007? it really is a year i'd rather have behind me and not think about too much in the future.

your night sounds absolutely fascinating, z. agnostic rabbi in particular

Peas on Toast said...

Zu - 2 kgs, my gad. Hecic, I suppose one will feel a little sorry for an ex...but that was a little silly on his part. On the bright side, if he's well-behaved he may get out sooner.

...he's not in Thailand, where they dish out life sentences for this shit, so I suppose in context he's lucky. :)

Revolving Credit said...

Zuz, I must say that the this post did read a bit like the start to a joke.

'An agnostic Rabbi, a rural Vicar and a drug dealer walk into a pub.....'