Wednesday, November 14, 2007

On Monday night I almost called time on MC. It was a very boring and middle class dispute over money - namely me paying for everything while he pleaded poverty, only for him to suddenly announce that he was going out drinking with his mate. I completely lost it. My ex and I used to throw lava lamps at each other when we rowed - and once he went one step further and threw me against a wall. MC was very calm and upset - and he didn't go for the drink. How things have changed.

Anyway we made up by getting absolutely hammered on free wine (so it doesn't count) at some press do last night. And then decided it would be great fun to go ice skating. I have never had problems on skates but on this occasion the pissedness overtook me and I just couldn't stand up. I was like Maggie Simpson on ice and cracked just about every surface of skin possible as I fell over repeatedly - including the back of my head. I am covered in bruises but I woke up in MC's arms this morning and realised just how smitten I am. He's a really lovely boy. With or without money.


Peas on Toast said...

Ah poppet, sorry to hear about the fight. I suppose (for you and me both) there comes a time after a few months where you start to really assess things. I'm glad he didn't throw you up against a wall though. My ex did that to me a few times too, it's not the greatest.

Here's to you both being smitten and dealing with life's little bumps. xx

zuzula said...

It was horrible - one of those awful moments when I suddenly thought, have I completely misread this whole relationship? But no, I don't think I have.

Why on earth did we put up with so much crap before? I'm baffled by it, really I am... said...

I would have thought that throwing things against a wall is usually the sign to start planning your escape plan.

Look on the bright side - the person you have a crush on isn't currently so broke that she's had to scrape 50p from her son's breakfast club money to pay for the bus to join you in a free cinema preview, and is seriously thinking of asking you to lend her fifty quid.

zuzula said...

hmm yes, if that happened now i'd be straight out the door - i hope.

money is such a prickly issue. are you going to lend her the £50?

Gretta James said...

making up sounds both fun and painful

Gretta x

zuzula said...

yes, i suppose it was! zx