Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy new year

I have been in an internet wilderness for the last ten days thanks to the untimely demise of my blackberry. In truth it's not untimely at all, how the thing creaked onto this great age is beyond me. Two blackberry years must be at least 150 human ones. Hopefully they won't be able to fix it this time (last time I swear it came back covered in bandages), forcing my lovely employers to give me some up-to-date equipment that will actually enable me to do my job (and blog, naturally).

Anyway how are you? I hope channukah/eid/xmas/new year etc have all been good round your way. I tackled Christmas dinner myself this year, having somehow managed to invite the family round to my flat for the big day. We sat down to eat at 4pm (I put the turkey in the oven at 2am. 'Low heat,' said my mother, so I opted for such a low heat that essentially the turkey just sat in a warmish room for 5 hours. So at 7am up went the temperature. How the stupid bird didn't cremate is beyond me). Of course the food was all gone in ten minutes. And as per usual, there weren't enough roast potatoes. This prompted mum to suggest that we spend next xmas being pampered and, more importantly, cooked for, in a hotel in South Africa. I don't know why she has SA in mind particularly but it's all good - am booking that flight right now.

I received some truly wonderful presents this year but perhaps the most poignant gift of all came from my dad. He had bought my sister and I a gold coin each before he died and I just could not stop crying when Mum gave them to us on his behalf. Dad was of the post-Holocaust Jewish generation who believed in hoarding bits of precious metal in the event of having to flee something nasty rather suddenly. 'Always have gold,' he used to say to me. Well dad, now I do. Thank you.

New year was fun. The lovely Confuddled and I managed to turn it into a two day celebration when our pre NYE recce became a bt of a party in itself. Still we bounced back just in time for more champagne and a host of other lovely things and at 2am were happily dancing around with MC in my local pub. New Years day was devoted to decadence - MC and I spent most of it eating chocolate truffles, playing scrabble and generally being rather saucy (Confuddled had gone home by this point, I hasten to add). I really do not want to be back at work today.


fake adult said...

happy new year! seems nyd went along similar themes for both of us - yay!

silverfox said...

Happy New Year Zu, sounds like you had much fun, we did too although the parties we went to were less than desirable, thanks to good friends and good booze (the trashed barmen/women took good care of that)the night went without a hitch and we all had much fun. Bring on 2008!

Little Miss Tantrum said...

Zuzula, as a South African with Brit parents I have had both Christmas options and have to say that a prawn braai with ice cold cocktails next to the pool is a whole bunch more festive than one would imagine.

zuzula said...

FA & Silverfox - happy new year to you both! hurrah for good parties and booze :) am on day 3 of self-enforced alcohol-free January. I swear I have the DTs.

Little miss tantrum - you know, when you put it like that, there's really no contest is there...?!

Peas on Toast said...

Happy happy new year Zu!

I hope it's going to one filled with prosperity, love and success my friend. It sounds like you had a ball, even though it must've been hard with your dad's absence.


zuzula said...

here's to 2008 honey - wishing you all the best xx