Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday thoughts

This week has been the week of small freebies. So far I have managed to procure two cinema tickets and a Starbucks coffee - and tonight I start two weeks worth of free membership at the gym of the posh hotel near to where I live. It's costing me nothing and it's close to home. I really don't have any excuse to sit around on my arse for the next fortnight do I? But I'm sure I'll find one. I thought for one giddy moment that I was about to become the proud new owner of a digital radio this morning too - I was on my way to a meeting when I saw it buried in a stash of obselete equipment. But the stupid thing was welded to its desk so I couldn't get it into my handbag on the way out. What a waste.

The *chat* went well - the guy did more talking than me (no mean feat, believe me) - which Confuddled says is always a good sign in an interview type scenario (Confuddled is interview guru. She survived eight in a row - eight! - for one job). I will find out in two weeks whether I'm through to round two. The fact that my potential new boss told me he's lost five members of a team of five in the last 18 months doesn't fill me with excitement though, so I'm going to take this one with an unhealthily sized pinch of salt for now. Still, it's one of those jobs that will open up a lot of new doors. So perhaps as a stepping stone it's worth it.

Also - I remembered last night that I did hear the UK earthquake! I was rather rudely awoken by this horribly loud rattling. I thought it was a car revving its engine outside. I poked my head out of the window and realised the street was empty. So my next obvious conclusion was that my vibrator had somehow turned itself on in my bedside drawer (you may laugh, but I speak from experience). No joy there either (quite literally). I finally realised that for some reason the sliding cupboard doors above my wardrobe were shaking in their frames. I put my hand on them to stop them and spent the rest of the night quaking under the duvet wondering whether the week of small freebies was beginning with the acquisition of a poltergeist. It only occurred to me last night, while chatting to mum, that it was in fact the earth moving. Whatever next?


Timo Rissanen said...
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The Blonde Blogshell said...

LOL @ the vibrator idea! Crazy about the quake huh?

Good luck with getting to round 2! Positive thinking girl x