Monday, February 25, 2008

Weird weekend

Saturday night was supposed to be a momentous occasion. My three closest friends in the world and I decided to have a night out with our partners all in tow - for the first time ever. But by the time it came round one of us was single, and with about a day to go, Gorgeous But Flaky Thespian Friend pulled out, claiming he had to work all weekend. Interesting to see that he still managed to be on Facebook at 4am on the night in question.

Still, it all started out really well, with much wine at the lovely Lady Handbag's house and then on to a tapas restaurant down in South London. As a rule I get a bit twitchy south of the river (not least because I can never bloody find anywhere down there - I once spent a memorable three hours trying to find one single street in Lewisham. That's what life was like pre-satnav).

And then we went on to a very nice bar... and here things get a bit hazy. But I do remember some beered up twat accusing me of spilling my drink over him (impossible because I didn't actually have one at the time, I was on my way to the bar). I heard him describe me to his friends as 'that fat woman' and I just crumpled inside. Desperate not to get myself into a drunken spiral of misery I decided not to tell anyone... but the seeds were sown and from that point onward I found myself getting increasingly upset about everything bad that's ever happened to me. Don't you just hate that?


silverfox said...

Oh Love, what a prick! Don't worry re arseholes, that's what shit comes out of, we all need one but you definitely don't want to listen to one! x

Grace said...

Omg! Zuz! Dont' let that guy get to you!

You've got an awesome boy who obviously thinks your fit, and your having a great time atm!

That was a random retard and they are below your awesomeness x

KaB said...

What a wanker...I'd have gone & bought the drink & then poured it all over him, saying 'how's that for a fat woman?!?'


Good to have you back...was wondering where you got to?!?

Peas on Toast said...

Stupid fucking boozed wanker. Who was probably seeing double and had a really small penis!

Mrs Pop said...

I agree with kab... I would have also bought the drink, albeit a cheap one... that left a strong smell (bottom shelf whiskey, perhaps?) and then committed the crime I'd already been convicted of.

Then I would have made a penis remark. Because, it is perfectly obvious to me that the sonofabitch CLEARLY had one the size of a crayon. Why else would he be such an ass?

The Blonde Blogshell said...

What a prick!!

It's horrible! I don't know why we do it to ourselves?

I mean 20 people can tell you how smart, beautiful and funny you are, but it takes one person (and a stranger at that) to saw one negative/nasty thing and we crumble.
We need to become bullet proof...I mean mean proof!

zuzula said...

oh wow - thank you so much guys. I owe you all a drink! Blonde Blogshell is spot on though - it only takes one comment like that to throw you doesn't it?

fake adult said...

What a tool! Oh well, he's compensating for his premature ejaculation problem and even then it's clear the sperm only need swim two and a half inches from the testes to the outside world.

You are beautiful, hon.

Grace said...


I couldn't find your email addy on here, but I'm ok, things are tough but I'm talking to people and well... yeah. Its on me blog. Don't worry tho, I'm not going to hurt myself.

Thank you tho for getting in touch


P.S. I've put my email addy on my profile page for a short while