Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Walls have ears...

In TV land it I have learned that everyone who's on screen - actors, presenters, performers, etc - are referred to as 'The Talent'. Hateful term but I suppose you can't really call them the eye candy. (Blonde Blogshell - you are of course the exception to all this darling!)

Anyway it's an unwritten rule that if you are not a member of The Talent yourself then You Must Not Upset The Talent. This means being nice and polite and friendly at all times - even if said showboater is unspeakably vile in return.

Yesterday, after a particularly unpleasant exchange with one of our 'talent' - who seems to have been rude to everybody else at some point so I suppose it was my turn - a sympathetic colleague sent me a commiseratory email in which she was less than flattering about said Ego-On-Legs. Only somehow, somehow, this email ended up in the team inbox. I have absolutely no idea how that happened. As she said to me afterwards... MSN from now on. Or is that under someone's watchful eye too?


The Blonde Blogshell said...

Oh my God!! How mortifying! That's my kind of luck...I'd send a bitchy email about someone to the entire office!
Oh no wait...done that already! Argh!

Oh and thank you :-)
We call "The Talent" who is "unspeakably vile"
Pretentious Diva Bitches.

Just saying.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

PS> Re your last post...yes hopefully Karma is coming, but I had a good giggle - you are so cute!
Go Get Your Award, meant: ON MY BLOG ;-)

The Divine Miss M said...

How brilliant!

Yup we call them "The Talent" too, is classic ;) and I've been on the horrid receiving side too :( It sucks!

Mkononi said...

"The Talent"


Honestly, looking at some of the "talent" on TV, you'd think that the only way they got there is by shaking their tails at management

silverfox said...


That's awesome! To have a good bitch about wankers and then said wankers who need to hear it, actually do! I love it!

city boy said...

MSN, Yahoo, AIM can be and is monitored by most companies these days as are Blackberries and even mobile phone conversations at some companies.

zuzula said...

god bless the talent... ;)

City Boy - yikes. mobile phone calls? is that even legal?!

city boy said...

It would only be in extreme cases and only possible if the company own the mobile phone.