Thursday, March 18, 2010

Back to the grindstone

It's my first day back at work and I'm bewildered.

I've already put my foot in it by accidentally printing out an intensely embarrassing email exchange between my sister and I. I wasn't even aware that I'd hit print until a male colleague sheepishly handed me our correspondence in full.

The topic of our conversation was mooncups, those strange little acorn-shaped things that are marketed as an environmentally friendly alternative to tampons and towels.

We were contemplating who uses them, how one knows when one's mooncup is full, how one removes said cup without splattering the entire bathroom with its contents... you get the drift.



Frau Dietz said...

Oh ho ho... speak to me, young lady, for I am truly a mooncup evangelist :) The only bad experience I've had was the very first I tried to take it out and couldn't stop, er, clenching. I ended up literally rolling around on the floor of the disabled toilet at work for about 25 minutes.

I can't work out if this is an inappropriate posting... but then I have just read this:

*sigh of dreamy mooncup joy* said...

Why would that be embarassing? Every woman bleeds. It's not something you'd post up on the bulletin board but hey...

(and on today's workpage, you'll see a link to a page which uses the word masturbation. I'm waiting for the complaints to flood in!)

zuzula said...

Frau Dietz - oh my - that's quite an admission! i am far too afraid of the consequences to give it a go though. my loss...

almostwitty - well done for getting masturbation the recognition it deserves in the office ;)