Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bills, bills, bills

Life is bleeding me dry. In the space of one week I've had a £300 garage bill, £200 gas, £100 water and £85 electricity. It's ok, utility companies, I wasn't planning on eating very much this month anyway.

I will however need to retain a small fund for my new favourite drink. Last night a girlfriend and I discovered the joys of the pornstar martini. This fruity yet potent little devil is served with a separate shot of champagne. How gloriously decadent is that?

After a couple of those I teetered home and watched six episodes of Sex and the City back to back. The Boy bought me the box set for Christmas (more fool him) and I think it's beginning to infect him too - he returned from a night in the pub with his mate with some skincare advice for me, much to my astonishment.

Over a pint they apparently concluded that I should be using Bio Oil on my operation scar. I am hugely touched, if rather baffled. They're not exactly metrosexual types. If word of Bio Oil has reached them, it really must be good stuff.

At £9 for a teeny weeny bottle it better had be. That's almost 2 pornstar martinis during happy hour.

5 comments: said...

What on earth is in a pornstar martini?!

zuzula said...

i'll buy you one... you'll love it!

MidniteGem said...

Bio Oil is amazing - it is def the only thing that i've seen work for scarring. It has been a staple in the home since i was a little girl.

good recommendation!

Robin Alexa said...

Manuka honey is an AMAZING natural product for scars and healing!!

I can't watch Sex and the City anymore because I am still single and it depresses me now. Waaaaah. :)

zuzula said...

whereas i watch it and wish i was! ;)