Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 4 in the dodgy thyroid house

Milestone of the day was washing my hair. It hasn't seen shampoo since the day of the operation in the interests of keeping my neck dry... And it was pretty rank, frankly.

I was so delighted with my newly clean hair that I went the extra mile and put some mascara on too. Weirdly this made me feel a million times better too. Are there endorphins in make up and hair products? There should be. I felt like an annoying beauty advert with my newly swishy hair and voluptuous lashes.

My best friend came over and, armed (or should that be necked?) with trusty silk scarf disguise we ventured out for tea in poncy west London.

Back in the same park as yesterday, a pattern is definitely emerging. I saw the yummy mummies and their offspring - there's definitely an unofficial club that meets regularly around here. I wonder whether I'll ever be a part of it. Half of me hopes not.


Frau Dietz said...

Bloody hell woman, I had no idea you'd been going through all this. Many enormous hugs and a couple of virtual glasses of Dogajolo to you. xxxxx

zuzula said...

ooh hello you, i didn't know you still dropped by! yes all a bit of a drama but am on the mend x