Saturday, September 13, 2008

my first week in telly land

I don't think I've ever worked so hard in my life. It's like learning to walk all over again - doing something familiar (writing stuff) in a completely unfamiliar way (for the web). I have learned that being around live tv is uber stressful. I have learned that politeness goes out of the window when you've got 2 minutes before you go to air and things aren't working. I've also learned that my predecessor pissed a lot of people off, which is either going to make my job harder (if they expect more of the same) or easier (if I can impress them).

Yesterday I went to a leaving drink and one of the producers told me he thought I was only 25. I nearly kissed him :) another said she is fairly sure that the bosses want me to produce a section of the show. Omg. My comfort zone is a long-haul flight away right now. But I'm thriving on it.

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Kitty Cat said...

Wow, stressful but exciting stuff!