Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stuff n nonsense

Lots of people have been asking me what exactly I’m doing in the new job. Well – in the absence of either a job description or, thus far, a contract (hmm) – it’s a bit difficult to say. Officially I am running a tv show website – which I am slowly getting to grips with. However in the last 2 weeks, in the name of work, I have also…

- Spent an entire morning in the studio pretending to be Jane Asher (don’t ask)

- Given up my shoes for three hours so that a presenter could look more fancy (does this mean I can claim them back on expenses?)

- Commissioned and produced a film and been asked to help produce a regular slot (I have never worked in tv before. I can’t stress this enough but it is falling on increasingly deaf ears)

- Traded jaffa cakes in exchange for technical wizardry from… well, just about everybody

- Upset traditional viewers with my (intentional) US spelling

- Drank red wine with the most stressed person I have ever worked with… who told me the team didn’t really get on with the previous web person. Aha. This explains a lot.

- Upset said former web person by getting rid of some VERY old links. She thinks they should remain. I think they are so very a) old and b) obscure that they are a waste of cyberspace. So far I have received one single complaint. Out of 1m viewers. Not bad eh?

- Discovered that everything I want/need to do seems to require a new training course. At this rate I will spend most of my time here in the classroom.

- Left work on time every day. Seriously. This is a complete revelation to me. People here work very hard but they do *not* work late. I actually have a life outside of the office (and it’s crucifying my bank account).

So, that’s me. How’s you?


almostwitty.com said...

I want your job *sniffle*

This is not the first time I have said this, mind. When I worked on websites for TV shows, the two of us were kept VERY FAR APART. :(

The Divine Miss M said...


WHAT IS THIS?!!?!? We NEVER leave on time!!

I hate you.

Mkononi said...

Sounds like a great improvement over the last job. I tend to leave early every day, but mostly because I'm in work by 7.30.

zuzula said...

AW - i thought you wanted the last job ;)

Divine miss M - I know, I can't believe it either. they are early birds though...

Mkononi - 7.30am! my god, what time do you get up?! Last night I went to the imax to see The Dark Knight. ON A MONDAY NIGHT. Mondays have just not existed in my calendar for so many years, it's a revelation!

Mkononi said...

I normally get up at 6am and out of the house by 6.30. Kind of get used to it really, although it's great to work from home and get a decent lie in until 7.30 :)

zuzula said...

Oh my god. that's the middle of the night! I'm coming in a little earlier these days and struggling to get out of bed by 7.30 ;)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Hahahaha - I actually thought of Miss M when you said you leave on time...and whaddaya know...I laughed at her comment!!