Thursday, April 10, 2008

the curse of white wine

Last night it happened again. I had a few glasses of white wine and ended up having a go at MC, who was doing nothing more harmful than trying to persuade me to take a taxi home when we left the bar. My lovely friend V thinks there's something in the proverbial 'jesus juice' that sends women a bit mad and I have to say I think she's right. So why am I still drinking it? I know it brings out the worst in me. It's really not fair on MC either - if the situation were reversed, and he was the one who got aggressive after a few particular drinks I would be devastated that he kept on doing it. It would probably end up being a dealbreaker, and that in itself would break my heart.

The problem is... I like wine. I like the taste, the texture, the cultural ritual of having a glass of it. Fuck, that looks so selfish and frankly lame written down - I have to attempt some willpower at some point soon.


silverfox said...

Surely not one glass of wine, maybe a bottle???? I only know cause I am the MC in our relationship, sometimes it sucks, then you get over it. I've even had conversations with Fake Adult prior to going out where I ask him if I should drag him away kicking and screaming, he's said yes and still I am in trouble when the time comes to leave. Don't know Love, you'll work it out. said...

Why is it called Jesus Juice?

you could always try alternating your wine with water, or doing a white wine spritzer or something ;)

zuzula said...

Silverfox - hmmmm i think you and MC need to form a support group! I have decided that the only solution is to avoid white wine when he's around. It makes life a lot easier for both of us

Almostwitty - and i thought you were the popbitch guru! It's what Michael Jackson (allegedly) called it... (from the feeding the 5000 business i suppose)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Uh-oh!! It's is terrible isn't it?
The headache wine gives is awful!!

PS>'re it! x

fake adult said...

Oh, SF, so sorry. It's true. You never met a more belligerent drunk. The plan at the moment is to not drink and the weekend just gone has been the most sober in about two months: four beers and two glasses of champagne. Most others it's been four six-packs and two bottles so this is progress.

Maybe 'tis a blessing we don't live in the same city?

Peas on Toast said...

Shame Zu, it's terrible when your favourite beverage starts to become a liability. I also go a bit mad on white wine, so now I opt for red - even so can't have too many or else the wheels come off. I think tiredness and stress etc also contribute. It's tough to find a balance.

Loved your chavtastic post below, shocking as it is. Are there no levels of depravity human beings can happily sink to? It's insane.