Wednesday, April 9, 2008

weird work

On Monday I spent the day out rambling with a group of radio presenters (I had to practically boil my jeans to get the mud out aftewards but I got a great article out of it - the walk not the jeans). Tomorrow I am attending a dance class in south east London, also in the name of work. I am terrified. Apparently a group of deprived children have devised a performance piece based around gun crime - and they want to teach it to me. Oh - and there's going to be a photographer capturing the whole mortifying experience. Eek.

Isn't it amazing what a big impact the smallest things can have? Today I am wearing a crisp white shirt and an amazing new foundation that I discovered yesterday during a lazy afternoon off, out shopping with MC (which of course was not work related). As a result I have been feeling uber chipper and groomed and professional all day - a shadow of my usual shabbier self.

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