Tuesday, April 29, 2008


My flatmate returned from a trip to Germany last week and handed me a little souvenir. 'You must have loads of these already,' she beamed, 'but here's another one anyway.' With that she handed me a little wooden square with a Hebrew letter painted in gold on each side. I had absolutely no idea what it was.

'wow... thanks,' I managed to reply, painting on the world's largest showbiz smile. 'I don't have any actually... wow.'

After much searching of pictures on allthingsjewish.com I've finally managed to figure it out. It's a dreidel. I need to upgrade my genetic Jewishness and fast. Fortunately there's a great big family Jew-do going on this weekend so I can brush up on all things Yiddish. Shalom!


almostwitty.com said...

Hope there's no to-do at the Jew-do. Or that you meet any Judoon.

Oh, the verbal puns.

Oy vey and noogles :)

Confuddled said...

Jew-do?! am laughing ... thank you for brightening up my crazy day with that one luv!!


astarael said...

Even I know what a dreidle is!!!




Anonymous said...

Jew-do sound hilarious. Can I come?

zuzula said...

right, i am going to have a jew-do this summer! and you're all invited ;)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Hahaha! That was funny! Nice post! x
YAY!! can't wait for the Jew-do! :-)

fake adult said...

Can we all get circumscribed at your Jew-do?